IP Camera Viewer

for Android TV, phones and tablets

Watch the live view from your network IP cameras comfortably on the big TV screen, on your phone or tablet. Play back video recordings, receive events from your cameras or from advanced AI with object recognition and intrusion detection. Designed for home and professional use.

IP Camera Viewer for Android TV phones and tablets

AI automatic monitoring and notifications

Advanced Artificial Intelligence can monitor view from cameras for you, detect human, vehicle or animal, read license plates and recognize faces. You can set different actions for each detected event, for instance the app can store image snapshot to the cloud*, read aloud a given text or send notifications to your other devices. Install the application on Android TV box, TV set or tablet and make it a part of your smart home or professional cctv system. It is designed to work even 24h/7.

How to connect AI to your cameras.

On the camera event settings screen, you can choose three ways the AI algorithms acquire images from the camera.

Processing alerts from the camera

For most of the camera models, the application can receive events from the camera. When motion detection alarm is sent, the application takes a snapshot and AI will analyze it.

Active monitoring

The AI constantly monitors the live view from the camera. It only works when the camera live view is visible on the screen. It requires more processor usage but it will work for every camera.

Receiving snapshots by FTP

Most cameras can be configured to send image snapshots via FTP when they detect motion. Just take the ftp address shown on the screen and enter it in your camera dedicated software.

Actions for detected events

As soon as the application detects a person, a new vehicle or an animal, it can perform the actions you choose. It can save a snapshot on the device, send it to the cloud (Dropbox), send a notification to another device, read aloud the message you created, etc.

In the next versions of the application, it will be possible to perform actions on smart home devices, such as turning on the lamp, turning on alarm siren.

Event monitor view

A special view with a list of all events for a given day will allow you to quickly find out what has happened in the monitored area. The view is constantly updated with new events.

If you connect the application to the Dropbox cloud, then the list of events will be saved in the cloud. After launching the application on another device, e.g. a phone, and connecting it to the same Dropbox account, the list of events along with the saved snapshots will also be visible on the other device.

To take full advantage of the application's potential, you can install it on a tablet, TV or TV-box, add cameras, enable the artificial intelligence functions and thus create a monitoring center in your home. Then install it on your phone and get alerts when you're away.

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