IP Camera Viewer

for Android TV, phones and tablets

Watch the live view from your network IP cameras comfortably on the big TV screen, on your phone or tablet. Play back video recordings, receive events from your cameras or from advanced AI with object recognition and intrusion detection. Designed for home and professional use.

IP Camera Viewer for Android TV phones and tablets

Frequently asked questions

Live view from your cameras outside your local network

First make sure your cameras are visible outside the local network. If you have an external IP address, all you need to do is set "port forwarding" in your router configuration. For security reasons, only forward the rtsp port of the camera, usually it is 554.

If you have correctly configured port forwarding in the router, all you need to do is add the redirected rtsp port and IP address for external connections in the "remote view" settings.

For security reasons, the application does not use UPnP. We strongly advise against using other applications that allow remote viewing of your cameras using UPnP and enabling UPnP on your router, as this is a very serious threat of hacking into devices in your network.

Or maybe you don't need a remote camera view at all? Are you sure you have time to watch the live camera view when you are away from home? It is better to leave the monitoring to artificial intelligence, which can do it 24/7 and will notify you when it detects a person, animal or vehicle. You will be able to save and view snapshots of the captured intruder. This app is made for that, see how to do this here.

Connecting to network video recorders (NVRs)

The application is designed to connect directly to IP cameras, but you can also connect to most network recorders. After adding the recorder to the application, the live image from only one camera will be visible - from one channel. To add another camera, add the NVR again and select a different profile in the settings - corresponding to the next channel of the recorder.

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