IP Camera Viewer

for Android TV, phones and tablets

Watch the live view from your network IP cameras comfortably on the big TV screen, on your phone or tablet. Play back video recordings, receive events from your cameras or from advanced AI with object recognition and intrusion detection. Designed for home and professional use.

IP Camera Viewer for Android TV phones and tablets

The application is optimized for phones, tablets, TVs and TV boxes with Android system. It has slightly different look & feel on each platform to make viewing camera streams easy and comfortable. You can set the application to start multi camera view automatically at the system startup. It makes it perfect part of your smart home or professional cctv system.

The application has been designed with the security of your data in mind. It connects directly to the cameras, no external proxy servers required. The network to which the cameras are connected does not need to have access to the Internet. If you do not trust the manufacturer of your cameras or are afraid of them being hacked then this application is for you.

Adding cameras and compatibility

The application works with almost all IP cameras on the market it can connect to network video recorders (NVRs) also. It can automatically detect cameras in your network, you can also add the camera from a brand/model list. Here is the list of cameras the application is already successfully tested with.

We support hardware and software decoding of h265/h264 and other popular video formats. If your camera is equipped with sdcard, you can watch the recordings in the app. The application supports PTZ control on most of the cameras.

AI automatic monitoring and notifications

Advanced Artificial Intelligence can monitor view from cameras for you, detect human, vehicle or animal, read license plates and recognize faces. You can set different actions for each detected event, for instance the app can store image snapshot to the cloud*, read aloud a given text or send notifications to your other devices. The application is using the latest advancements in Computer Vision, together with computing power of modern phones and tv boxes it makes better accuracy than the algorithms embedded even in the newest cameras.
*currently the application supports Dropbox

Install the application on Android TV box, TV set or tablet and make it a part of your smart home or professional cctv system. It is designed to work even 24h/7. Read more how to set it up efficiently

Advanced settings

Set whether you want the camera view to be started automatically on the system startup. Select your preferred multi camera view type - all cameras on one screen or switching between cameras in sequence. Enable showing a warning when the live view from the camera is frozen, setup automatic reconnect and many more.

New app features coming soon.

We are actively working on adding facial recognition and the ability to control smart devices in your home, e.g. turning on a smart bulb when the application detects a person on a given camera, turning on the siren, etc.,

Please contact us via email, if you have any questions. Check also frequently asked questions page.

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